Icon – B&O BeoSound 8

It might look like iPad-compatible bongos, but B&O's new dock is a little more sophisticated than that...

Finally, iPad-compatible bongos!

Just what you’ve always wanted, right? Now you can play along to your favourite Sounds of Cuba compilation. You’re wrong, obviously. Well, half-wrong, at least. The BeoSound 8 is indeed iPad-compatible, but it’s no percussion instrument. Dock any iThing with a 30-pin connector on top and an adjustable nub supports it from behind, meaning it’ll work with anything from the 9.6in iPad to a tiny new Nano – although something that small does make it look a bit like a prop from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

For £895 it had better not sound miniature…

It shouldn’t. The 105-Watt dock bypasses the DAC inside whatever’s perched on top and uses 
its own audio polisher on your tunes – and if you’re not an Apple acolyte, it’ll take input from USB and 3.5mm jack, too. Each channel has two drivers with independent amps, and there’s a switch that adapts the sound depending on where you position it, whether it’s in a corner, standing freely or mounted on the wall. You can even get coloured speaker covers to make sure it matches your three-piece suite.

Is that a jog wheel on the front? How very 2006.

Nope, it’s a four-way clicker with a glowing central button, although it’s easier to navigate using the touchscreen. The BeoLink iOS app will soon be able to control it, or you can use your B&O phone (if you’re one of the six people that has one) or the bundled circular remote. Or buy some bongos.

B&O BeoSound 8 £895, bang-olufsen.com