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Bang & Olufsen trot out something else we want more than our empty wallets

How did we end up back in 2009?

This isn’t the BeoSound 5. It’s the BeoSound 5 Encore. See the difference?


Fair enough – it does look exactly the same as B&O’s boss 2009 music controller. But this one doesn’t need to be paired up with a B&O-flavoured server to get its kicks. Instead it’s gone all modern with connectivity options including newfangled USB, NAS, Bluetooth and internet radio.

And a touchscreen?

Nope. B&O doesn’t think you’ll want to cover that 10.4in LCD with sticky fingerprints, so you’re still left spinning the (admittedly lovely) scroll wheel. On the plus side, the BeoSound 5 Encore will set you back a mere £2900. The original unit we reviewed in 2009 was £3500.


Review – BeoSound 5

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