Icon – BMW Zagato Coupe

Milanese coachbuilder Zagato is painting the town (and the BMW) red, with this sleek-looking Coupe

I'm seeing red…

You're looking at the BMW Zagato Coupe, a collaboration between the German automaker and Milanese coachbuilder Zagato. That means you get Zagato design flourishes like a Kamm-tail rear end, double-bubble roof and a kidney grille made up of little interlocking 'Z's, over what looks to be a BMW Z4 base. Inside, you get red decorative stitching and – of course – embroidered 'Z's on the seats.

But is it a Red Hot Chili Pepper or a load of Red Bull?

Hard to say – both BMW and Zagato are keeping schtum about what exactly is under the Coupe's bonnet, though YouTube user Marchetinno claims that its engine serves up 400hp – which, added to an aluminium body that's 200kg lighter than a Z4, should keep it running along nicely.

Is this one of those concepts that's never going to make it into production?

Possibly not – the Zagato Coupe is fully road-legal, and some reports are claiming that it'll enter production as a limited run of 100 cars. Better get your name down early, then.

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