Icon – The Bagger Electric Cruiser Bike

Meet the retro two wheeler that's as easy on your legs as it is on your eyes

The retro sensors are going off the charts!

We're not surprised. The low-slung styling of Vintage60's Bagger Electric Cruiser Cycle is a fitting tribute to the chrome-laden low riders of old. It comes complete with ultra-wide balloon tires for a smooth comfortable ride and a laid back riding stance for a relaxing cruising experience.

Sounds like an awful lot of work to me…

That's because you're lazy. Either way you'll have no excuse, as The Bagger comes packing 36V single phase and 48V three phase motors, offering a 12-15 mile range per charge, at a top speed of 15mph – meaning no license (or road tax) is required.

What's the damage?

The Bagger will set you back £2,000 and you can nab one for yourself directly from vintage60. If you fancy an excerise-laden nostalgia hit then you can also opt for a cheaper pedal-only option. You can even customise your ride with a bespoke painted frame and choose from a variety of fenders, wheel covers and chrome parts – just in case you didn't think you'd look unique enough already.

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