Icon – Aston Martin Bulldog GT

British Bulldog meets Danish bacon in this customised Aston Martin supercar from Danish firm HBH. James Bond, eat your heart out

Please, excuse my drooling

Fear not – we've had to don a bib ourselves after staring at this beautiful example of sleek supercar goodness. Meet the HBH-customised Aston Martin Bulldog GT.

What's new??

You bet there is. Traditionally, Aston Martin engines have been at the front of the car, but the designers of the Bulldog GT have placed the 6.0-litre V12 – found in the Aston Martin Rapide, DBS, DB9, Virage and V12 Vantage – just behind the cabin. Two bolted-on super chargers boost its output to a foreboding 666hp, giving a 0-62mph time of just 3.9 seconds.

I can't afford one, can I?

Probably not – though a prototype will be ready in 2013, giving you time to save your pennies. Snapping up one of these up could actually be a wise business investment, since you can also buy half the production rights for the car as an added bonus. That's why we're buying five.

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