Icon – Aspid GT-21 Invictus

This Spanish supercar looks like it's driven straight out of an anime – and it's cartoonishly fast, too

¡Viva España!

Absolutely – the land of bullfighting, Rioja and tapas can also produce some rather fantastic-looking supercars, like the newly-revealed Aspid GT-21 Invictus.

Looks nice – but what's under the bonnet?

The GT-21's powered by a 4.4l BMW-sourced V8 engine that'll serve up 450bhp and will propel the car from 0-62 in less than three seconds, with a top speed of 189mph. Thanks to the 80kg spaceframe chassis used in its predecessor the Super Sport, and the composite panels clothing it, it's also super lightweight. Frankly, the heaviest thing in the car is likely to be the passengers – you can cram four people in there.

Does it come in any colours other than Batman?

Yup. Aspid is hand-building each GT-21, rather than building it on a production line – so there's plenty of room for customisation. You'll be able to choose from over a hundred options and can visit the factory while your car's being built. Although prices haven't been revealed yet, ahead of the GT-21's expected launch in 2014, its predecessor the Super Sport cost around £90,000 – so don't expect the Invictus to come cheap.

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