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No it's not just another eco-case – this bamboo Android smartphone is headed to the UK

Bamboo won't stand up to much if the Big Bad Wolf comes calling.

Bamboo can be a pretty strong and durable material and chances are the Wolf's not too bothered about phones anyway. Not all gadgets have to be black slabs from now until the end of time, right? Plus the ADzero's creator Kieron-Scott Woodhouse reckons this bamboo handset is half the weight of the iPhone 4S.

I'm listening.

Good. Keep that attention focused until the end of the year because Woodhouse has found a moneyman to get the ADzero into UK design shops by the end of 2012. Specs are thin on the ground at the moment but we do know the ADzero runs Android and features a rear snapper with a circular 'ring flash' around the lens – photographers will know that this evens the flash out to make it look more like natural light.

It looks pretty too.

Yup, makes us a bit embarrassed to think that all this has been done by a super talented product design student from Middlesex University. We lost all our best inventions down the pub.

UPDATE: the ADzero will launch runnning Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Tasty.

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