Icon – Adastra Trimaran

Move over Black Pearl – a new vessel just stormed this port

Is that a Predator’s weekend hideaway?

Not quite, but we definitely see where you’re coming from. This is actually a menacingly-designed futuristic yacht which offers a perfect blend of high-tech construction and luxurious design for up to 15 people.

So no warp drive?

Sadly not, but this beast packs the power of a 1150hp engine in the main hull and two 110hp offerings in the two outer hulls, resulting in a top speed of 22.5 knots – that’s 26 mph to us landlubbers. 

Hardly futuristic then is it?

Actually, the ship’s superstructure is made out of carbon fibre with a flame-resistant Nomex core, whilst the hull consists of a fibreglass and Kevlar foam hybrid. The interior is also cleverly designed to reduce weight – even the oak cabinets are forged from honeycomb panels to help lighten the load.

Let me guess, another fruitless concept?

This behemoth is actually under construction as a ludicrously expensive one-off piece for a very lucky (read rich) Hong Kong client. If you do see it, listen out for the accompanying evil laughter, won't you?

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