Icon – Acura NSX

Honda's painting the town red, revealing a new scarlet-hued version of its hybrid supercar at the Beijing Auto Show

I'm seeing red…

Honda's hybrid supercar first cropped up at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year – but it's been given a new red paint job for its appearance at the Beijing Auto Show.

What's so special about it, besides the paint job?

Well, it marks the return of the Acura NSX name – the last of the previous generation rolled off the production line back in 2005. But the 2012 model is an altogether different beast. Although it uses the same mid-engined V6 setup as the original NSX, it features Honda's new hybrid Super Handling-AWD system, which uses electric motors to power the front wheels.

Well, I'm sold.

You'll have to wait a bit before you can buy one, though – the Acura NSX isn't expected to go on sale until 2015. For the time being, you can feast your eyes on the convertible roadster version in the new Avengers movie – it's Tony Stark's new motor.

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