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This Swiss watch takes 1000 hours to make – we just hope it lasts that long in clumsy hands

2lmx who?

Watch snobs may not like the sound of a new kid on the block but it's true – this is the first series from new luxury watchmaker 2lmx, based in Geneva. And we like what we see for a first attempt. Mind you, the company's founder Arnaud Tellier is no rookie, having run the Patek Philippe Museum for the past 11 years.

What's with the on-show mechanics?

The internal mechanisms are partly exposed on the watchface, between the two sets of digital numbers – making it look like a limited edition ticker cranked out by Tony Stark. There are six rolling drums, each imprinted with numbers, to tell the time.

When can I get one?

There are five 2012 models on offer – platinum case with black or white dial, rose gold case with black or white dial and titanium case with black dial. And with 337 parts, 44 jewels and that Geneva address, we'd bet this upstart watch won't come cheap.

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