Ice Cream Sandwich video surfaces

The latest, and hopefully greatest, Andoid OS has accidentally been shipped to a lucky Nexus S owner. Here's a video of what he peeked

Ice Cream Sandwich, the much talked about but barely glimpsed Android OS, has surfaced online in the below video found by Engadget. Apparently an unsuspecting fellow ordered a Nexus S off eBay and received this surprisingly enhanced version packing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

As you can see from the unlocking to the vertical multi-tasking menu, there’s plenty of Honeycomb in this particular Ice Cream Sandwich. Another interesting addition – other than the useful four icons at the bottom of the homescreen – is the Google Apps icon. This suggests the latest version of Android will be far more Google integrated with less reliance on phone memory and more cloud-based access. A great idea with Amazon’s Fire utilizing The Cloud and rumours of Apple’s iPhone 5 packing iCloud treats.

Of course this could all be an elaborate hoax, a very, very elaborate one – but either way it’s likely this is the way Android will be growing when Ice Cream Sandwich is unveiled in the next two months.


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