Ice Cream Sandwich delayed for unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II phones

If you thought being free of a network and buying your smartphone outright was a good plan, think again

Samsung Galaxy S II owners who bought their phones outright, prepare for rage. Samsung has told CNet that SIM-free Galaxy S II smartphones will be the last of the S II family to get the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update.

It’s not – as our paranoid minds immediately thought – Samsung punishing SIM-free owners in a bid to get folk onto contracts. Rather it’s a necessary wait as more checks are run to ensure the OS works on all the possible networks that a SIM-free phone could be used with.

Stay tuned for the release date – and get set to grab Android 4.0 from Kies to add facial unlocking and better multi-tasking skills to your Galaxy S II. Check out our Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy S II user guide for more details.

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