Ice Cream Sandwich coming to Nexus S

It’s a tester release for Google employees at the moment, but it’ll be unleashed en masse soon

Google is a stickler for quality. As a result it's released the first over-the-air update of its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS to Google employees for testing. The exciting part isn't just that it must be near ready for release en masse, but that it will be coming to the Nexus S.

At the moment only the Galaxy Nexus has Ice Cream Sandwich, with HTC handsets and the Samsung Galaxy range confirmed for updates soon. But Google has now released the OS to its Nexus S-owning employees who have been posting about how great it looks. The idea being they find all the bugs before the general release.

So if you’re a Nexus S owner, you should be rewarded for your early adoption soon.

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