Ice Cream Sandwich coming to Asus Transformer Prime on January 12

At last those holding out for the Transformer Prime with ICS can blow their savings

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is officially launching on the Asus Transformer Prime in just eight days, on January 12. So if you’ve been holding out for Android’s latest offering before splashing the tablet cash, your time has come.

The Android 4.0 update will be over-the-air for those that already own the keyboard-toting tablet – and brings with it a few treats. Not only will the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 be pushed to its limits with the power of Ice Cream Sandwich, but the update features some tweaks to get the most out of the tablet's hardware. The camera will have better focus, the touchscreen will be more fluid – and even the Android Market gets a touch-up. 

Modders can rejoice too as Asus has announced a tool to unlock the Transformer Prime's bootloader, coming hot on the heels of theIce Cream Sandwich release. So if the 8.3mm thin beauty isn’t out of your price range at £500, now is the time to get the world's first Ice Cream Sandwich quad-core tablet for yourself.

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