iCade expands line-up with iCade Jr for iPhone, iCade Core and iCade Mobile

Retro gaming on the go with Ion Audio's new iCades for your iDevices

Ion Audio's iCade was one of the surprise hits of the last year, bringing retro-tastic gaming fun to the iPad. But what to do if you want to game on the go? 

Now Ion Audio's unleashed three new iCades on the world. The iCade Mobile wraps your iPhone in a surround featuring a D-pad and gaming buttons, plus – unlike similar efforts such as the Gametel gamepad – it lets you flip your device to a vertical orientation.

The iCade Jr (below) is, er, somewhat less practical, being a miniaturised iCade sporting the full cabinet, joystick and arcade buttons combo. They've even had to cram some of the buttons onto the back of the case, just to fit them in. 

Finally, the iCade Core strips out the cabinet from the full-size iCade, for those who just want the control setup and none of the retro frippery. Which rather begs the question: why are you using it to play Asteroids?

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