IBM Holey Optochip can transfer 500 HD films a second

IBM has managed to transfer a terabyte of information a second simply by drilling a few holes in a chip

The best discoveries, they say, are those that are stumbled upon by accident. We say the best discoveries are the ones that sound like something Batman and Robin would say – IBM’s Holey Optochip is just such an innovation.

The new chip is capable of transferring a terabyte of information (500 HD films) a second, all thanks to a couple of holes. IBM's scientists – anarchists that they are – decided to drill 48 micro holes in a standard quarter-inch silicon CMOS chip, making it 8 times faster than today’s parallel optical components.

That means it’s not only fast, thanks to optical networking, but power efficient (it uses only 5 watts per transceiver) and cheap too since it’s made from components already available.

It’ll only be needed by those that do serious data crunching, but it’s nice to know it’s out there.

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