i-Mate launches the first pocketable Wi-Fi phone

The most impressive phone we've seen all week isn't a Nokia, a Moto or a Samsung - it's an i-Mate. The K-JAM's the size of the Nokia 6680, but it packs in Wi-Fi, a slide-out QWERTY keypad and Windows Mobile 5.0

It might look unexceptional, but we reckon this phone is going to be one of the year's finest handsets.

The i-Mate K-JAM is the first ever small - Nokia 6680-sized - mobile phone to have Wi-Fi. That means you could email, surf and download fat files for free using Wi-Fi hotspots and load it up with Skype to make free phone calls through your home hotspot. It's even equipped with the faster 802.11G standard.

Other features of note include the slide-out QWERTY keyboard (below), quadband for US calls and Windows Mobile 5.0, which has a cool new push email feature. The cam's a 1.3MP job and you can store the pics on SD card or 64MB of internal memory.

Expansys is going to sell the K-JAM for £480 contract-free in September.