Hyperoptic brings 1Gbps broadband to the UK

Super fast AND affordable broadband? Are you pulling our leg?

Broadband is about to get supercharged here in the UK, thanks to ISP Hyperoptic. We're talking about up to 1Gbps upload and download speeds in the UK for the very first time. But before you start fist pumping the air, you should know the service will only be available to selected areas across London to begin with, starting with larger properties, like blocks of flats and commercial properties as opposed to smaller, individual residences. So the majority of us will probably be waiting until 2012.

Its lightening fast, Hyper-sonic package is offered at £50 a month, but if that pulls at the purse strings too much, Hyper-active 100Mbps and Hyper-lite 20Mbps services are also up for grabs for £25 and £12.50, respectively. A £12.50 line rental fee also applies.

Hyperoptic claims its full fibre service will put an end to speed-related tantrums by delivering a lightening fast connection that's 140 times the speed of the UK average according to Ofcom. Taking a dig at its rivals, it also claims to deliver the actual speeds advertised with its broadband packages to jumpstart what it's calling "the real fibre revolution."


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