Hummer mobile bulks up

From the phone fanciers who brought you the Tag Heuer blower comes an all new motoring mobile. Ladies and gents, meet Modelab's Hummer HT2 cell.It&rsq

It’s the second model to ape the gas–guzzling SUV, but unlike the Arnie–favoured motor, it looks as tame as a Gee Whizz.

See, specs–wise, we’re looking at a mere 2MP camera, GPRS and, um, 11MB of inbuilt memory. Oh and SD support.

The word buzzing round Stuff Towers right now is ‘basic’. Still, its successor, the heftier HT1 shifted a massive 50,000 units.

You get a good idea of who those folk are when you discover the new phone’s primed and ready for Russia right now. We like to think that while the Oligarchs rock Modelab’s Tag number, their heavies are packing the hardcore Hummer.

If it’s a Hummer plaything you’re after though, we reckon you’d be better off with their full–size remote control car instead. Take a peek at it in action here.


Hummer HT2

Price: £TBA

On sale: 2008

Contact: Hummer