Humax readying Freesat+ TV recording for November

If you're still feeling a bit cagey about getting into bed with Freesat, then today's announcement that Humax is rolling out their Foxsat–HDR in

The new box, which packs in two TV tuners, has Freesat+ inside, meaning you can pause, rewind and record live TV, a la Sky+. The best bit though is that you'll be able to get as much HD content as you like from the likes of BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

There's a massive 320GB hard drive on board, which has space for 80 hours of HD content. That's an insane 160 episodes of EastEnders from Auntie or 53 Champions League matches from ITV. Not too shabby. And if you just want standard def, that 320GB will eat up 200 hours of telly. Only the most socially inept of people can record that much, surely.

There's also series recording and split recordings in case ITV decides to slap the news in the middle of a film. The box is due in mid–November for £299. Not cheap, but worth it if you love staying in.


Humax Foxsat box

Price: £299

On sale: November

Contact: Humax