HulloMail app turns voicemail to text messages

We’ve had enough of Voicemail Lady, so we’re sacking her and installing a robot scribe to deliver text telegrams of our messages

Smartphones are like penknives. Sure, they’re less good for boring out conkers, but they full of useful tools. Until now, though, their evolution wasn’t complete.

The arrival of the HulloMail SmartVoicemail app spells the end for Voicemail Lady, quite literally, by spelling out your messages so you can evade her monotonous soul-destroying tone. No more will we have to listen to, “You have. Three. New messages.” Instead, our Android handsets and iPhones (links lead to app stores, BlackBerry app coming soon) will automagically transcribe spoken messages to texts via the app.

Not only can HulloMail scribe out your voicemails (using Nuance’s brilliant voice recognition software), you can also personalise your greeting for individual callers, store your messages securely or share them via social networks.

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