Hublot reveals the F1 King Power Ceramic watch

A watch so resistant it’ll still be working after your ticker has long-since pumped its last

Ceramic is a wonderful material – 100% anti-allergenic, 100% unalterable and 100% rust-proof. It’s a small wonder then, that Hublot was able to fashion such a stylish timepiece out of it. Even the strap is fancy – crafted out of Nomex (the same material worn by racing drivers), which offers resistance to fire. A pyromaniac's dream timepiece.

The sleek black carbon fibre bezel, red accents and chunky dials all add up to a wrist adornment worth building to last. What it’s worth hasn’t been revealed, but only 500 will be made so expect a mighty hit to your bank statement. On the plus side the watch will still be in perfect condition after you’re dead and gone.


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