Huawei outs Gingerbread flavoured Honor

New release will join last week's Blaze in the mid-range Android corner

The big hitters keep packing smartphones with new features – which we love until our phone croaks after seven or eight hours of watching YouTube vids over Wi-Fi or playing with the latest flying-based 69p game. We salute Huawei then, for launching a mid-range Android handset, powered by a 1.4Ghz processor, packing 512MB of RAM and running Gingerbread 2.3.5 but also capable of lasting three whole days on a single charge.Three whole days – we kid you not.

Also on board is a 4in 854 x 480px display and 8MP camera with 2MP front facer meaning that its stamina isn't the only thing going for the Honor. Huawei's latest model should be hitting Asia and the Middle East before the end of the year so assuming we get our paws on one we vow to test that battery and those specs to the limit. We owe it to stranded Google Maps-dependents everywhere.


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