Huawei to bring quad-core Ascend D1 Q to MWC?

Word on the web is that Huawei has a quad-core smartphone up its sleeves for MWC

Back at CES in Las Vegas last month Huawei introduced us to the world's thinnest Ice Cream Sandwich-toting dual-core smartie – the Ascend P1 S (pictured). We gave it the hands on treatment and were suitably impressed with its powerful insides and stunning, yet uber-thin good looks.

If a slip of the tongue from Huawei's Chief Marketing Officer is anything to go on, it looks like Huawei is set to impress us again at MWC with a powerful quad-core powerhouse – the Ascend D1 Q – alongside the MediaPad 10.

According to Japanese website Weibo, the 'D' stands for diamond and the 'Q 'stands for quad-core. It's also thought that the D1 Q is a little more high-end than the P1 – well, diamond is more plush than platinum.

As for the MediaPad 10, we're expecting a 10in version of the 7in MediaPad.

Quad-core smartphones are set to take centre stage at MWC – and with NVIDIA's press invite promising a bunch of quad-core firsts, it looks like Huawei will be touting one of those firsts at the show.

Little else is known about Huawei's purported smartphone, but we'll be bringing you all the latest from the MWC front line.

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