Huawei Blaze blazes the trail for the UK’s new smartphone brand

What the blazes? Huawei makes a splash with its first self-branded smartphone

This is the Huawei Blaze. Who? Huawei – pronounced ‘who-are-we’ – is the UK’s newest smartphone maker. It’s been making phones for other people for a while (it also makes these Mi-Fis), but now its emblazoning its marque on a new range of phones with the Blaze at its vanguard.

The 3.2in Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) smartie’s spec sheet hasn’t got our pulses racing exactly, although it’s fairly nippy for a 600MHz device and the 11.2mm shell feels like it’d come out smiling from some medium-to-heavy abuse. But its price will make your jaw drop.

It’s arriving in October for at Phones 4u and Tesco bearing a price tag between £80 and £100 on PAYG. Time for HTC’s Explorer to get a sweat going.

UPDATE Phones 4u has just confirmed the Blaze price at £99.


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