Huawei Blaze and Vision exclusively at Phones 4u

Fancy a Huawei flavoured smartphone? Head on over to Phones 4u

We may not know exactly when Huawei's own-branded Android phones are due to arrive in the UK, but when the Vision and Blaze go official, you'll need to head on down to your local Phones 4u if you want in.

The mobile phone retailer has been given the exclusive lead on Huawei's first attempts to go it alone in the smartphone market. Catering to both ends of the spectrum, the unibodied Vision sits at the higher end of the scale, boasting 720p video recording with a 1GHz CPU and 5MP snapper, while the Blaze, with its 800MHz processor and pocket-friendly £100 price tag is aimed squarely at the budget end of the market. You'll also find Gingerbread 2.3 baked inside both.

So at the moment the release is penned as sometime in Q4 release date – later than the mooted September launch. When they do arrive, expect them to fall into the 'affordable' category.


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