Huawei Ascend Mate review round up

Find out what the rest of the tech press makes of the monster 6.1in screen phablet that has just hit CES 2013

Huawei has unleashed its monster smartphone, the Ascend Mate, on the crowds at CES 2013. Unsurprisingly with a 6.1-inch display it's turning heads, but what does the world make of this behemoth?

Jessica Dolcourt of gets straight to the point, saying: "I won't lie to you – 6.1 inches is a massive handful".

Pocket-lint's Hunter Skipworth and Chris Hall haven't failed to notice its size either, commenting that "holding it up to your ear does feel a touch ridiculous", though to help with use it has "a special one-handed UI that lets you use a single finger to operate the phone". At 720p it's no slouch, but they would have liked a 1080p display to "really make the most of the size".

The Inquirer's Carly Page says "it really is enormous" and found it difficult to hold the Ascend Mate with one hand. As for its phablet status, she's "struggling to view it as a smartphone, as it feels much more like a tablet device", adding that it would be near impossible to fit it in a pocket, though "in terms of performance it's a very exciting device".

Gizmodo Australia's Eric Limer points out that this phablet is the first to break the half-a-foot size barrier, saying it's "a two-handed device; you can’t hope to touch more than half the screen if you’re just using the thumb of your holding hand". He adds that the build feels solid, but "it’s just so ludicrously huge to even think of as a phone".

Android Community's Robert Nelson says the screen "is not where the massive stops", pointing out that the 4050mAh battery is large even when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note II with its 3100 mAh battery.

Not everyone is overwhelmed by its size, as Engadget's Mat Smith reckons that despite its gigantic proportions, "the curves and the thin profile save it from being too huge for daily use".

So it's a giant among phones, but will we get used to it in the end? And does anyone really have pockets big enough?

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