HTC Vigor gets papped in the wild

Another week, another tasty HTC leak

HTC is really finding it hard to keep its upcoming products a secret, or so it would seem. A selection of its impending handsets  – part of the 8-strong party coming our way on 1st September – and Sense 3.5 UI, have all been the victim of image, spec and video leaks. The Beats by Dr Dre-toting handset is the latest to have its cover blown before its official outing. We're not sure how the king of chronic will feel about his first smartphone collaboration with HTC being spread across the web early, but we're pretty happy with Droid Life for bringing us what is soon to be.

As it's switched off, there's not much to gauge from the handset other than its design choices. With it's red adornment around the camera lens, it looks like the Vigor has taken its design cue from the HTC Evo launched in the US last year, as well as the Incredible S' vacuum-packed back-panel.

Flip the camera on its front and you're looking at a front-facing camera, accompanied by a row of touch sensitive buttons. Need a reminder of its purported specs? Refresh your memory here. Hopefully in a couple of days we'll be able to separate the rumours from the hard facts.


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