HTC unveils white Touch Diamond

HTC has been busy these past couple of days, showing off the super–specced Touch HD and the new budget 3G and Viva. Anyone would think they were

Well, today they’ve got more. And no, it’s not the Dream but a white version of their awesome Touch Diamond. Or, to give it it’s official title, ‘ice white’. Think cheap cider, without the hangover or antisocial behaviour.

Taking their cue from the black and white editions of the iPhone 3G, HTC says this blower packs the same features as the original. So that’s a touchscreen cell with HSDPA, 3.2MP camera, Wi–Fi and Windows Mobile.

It’s coming to a store near you soon, so expect to get it on the same tariffs as the current model. And if you still can’t decide on a top end cell, take a look at our which touchscreen phone for you feature.


White HTC Touch Diamond

Price: From £Free

On sale: Now

Contact: HTC