HTC tries to ban iPhone 5 with 4G patents

Apple's lawyers are getting paid overtime as HTC carries out a pre-emptive strike ahead of the iPhone 5 release

An American judge has stated that HTC could have a case to ban imports of the upcoming iPhone 5 and new iPad 3 in the US after the Taiwanese mobile giant accused Apple of infringing on two of its 4G patents.

Fresh out of its legal battle with Samsung, Apple has accused HTC of snapping up the 4G patents solely for the purpose of aggressively using them in court.

Either way, it could spell trouble for Apple – whose shiny new iPhone 5 and iPad 3 could be held in limbo until it forks out the licensing fees for HTC's patents.

It's not all serious news though. When Judge Pender asked Apple's lawyer if the next iPhone would be thinner with a larger screen, he was simply met with a "that's what the blogs are saying" response.

Find out what we've been saying about the iPhone 5 in our iPhone 5 rumour roundup before joining us for its official unveiling on Wednesday.

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[Bloomberg via PhoneArena]

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