HTC Touch HD available from 6 November

Today is shaping up quite nicely if you fancy a spec–heavy, pricey touchscreen mobile phone. After T–Mobile confirmed the Android–ro

As yet there's nothing about pricing, but we have managed to find out that you'll be able to nab one in Carphone Warehouse when it does eventually hit the shelves.

The HD is already causing quite a stir thanks to its massive 3.8in screen, which makes the Touch Diamond and iPhone 3G look frankly pathetic by comparison. If you want to watch movies on the move but don't fancy something as hefty as an Archos 5, surely this is the way forward.

As well as that killer screen, there's also HSDPA, Wi–Fi, GPS, a 5MP snapper, SD support and a front facing camera for business calls and the like.

If you don't fancy the Touch HD, then make sure you check out our feature on the best touchscreen phone for you.


HTC Touch HD

Price: £TBA

On sale: 6 November

Contact: HTC