HTC Touch HD 2 to dump WinMo for Android?

Reports suggest HTC is set to jump ship from Windows Mobile for the next incarnation of the Touch HD, moving the follow up handset on to Google's Andr

If it turns out to be true, the Touch HD 2 will join a whole host HTC handsets on Android, such as the G1, the Magic and the Hero, and will reportedly be one of the fastest handsets in HTC's line-up.

While most top-end HTC phones currently run on 528MHz Qualcomm processors, the Touch HD 2 is rumoured to pack a 628MHZ Qualcomm chip – making it faster than the iPhone 3G S but still leaves it lagging behind Samsung's Jet with its 800MHz of processing power.

It certainly does seem strange for HTC to dump Windows Mobile at a time when version 6.5 will soon be available, but there's certainly no doubt that Android is proving to be the more popular platform of the two in recent months.

There's been no date or price information announced for HTC's new handset as yet, and of course you can take this all with a pinch of salt until we get word direct from HTC.

What do you think to HTC dumping WinMo for Android? Let us know below, and check out what we thought to the first Touch HD in our full review.

Via: RegHardware