HTC Snap goes on sale in UK

So while our attentions have been pre-occupied with everything Android when it comes to HTC, we almost forgot that they actually make regular WinMo ph

Because of this, the HTC Snap seems to have almost completely trickled under our gadget radar, and has appeared in the UK priced up and everything.

The full QWERTY, roller ball packing, Blackberry Bold lookie likie was spotted on Devicewire by the folk at Engadget, flaunting a handset only cost of £289.99.

For your money you're going to get a 2.4-inch screen, HSDPA, Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity, a 2 megapixel camera and 256MB on-board memory (expandable via microSD).

At less than a half-inch thick, the Snap can deliver still up to eight and a half hours of talk time from a single charge, and will go for 480 hours on standby.

Another thing worth noting is HTC's Inner Circle feature, which will allow you prioritise emails from a preselected group of people, bringing them to the top of your inbox with a click of the dedication Inner Circle key.

The Snap is available now, but as there are only a few available in stock – be sure to make a move over there sharpish if you want to bag yourself one.

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