HTC Sensation XE gets the Beats Audio treatment

The next iteration of the Sensation gets more than just a fresh lick of paint…

HTC has given its flagship Android handset the Dr. Dre treatment to create the refreshed Sensation XE, which boasts a number of improvements over the original device, including a snazzy red and black makeover.

The most notable change is the inclusion of Beats Audio technology which promises to beef up audio playback, which will no doubt be helped by the included in-ear Beats headphones with in-line controls.

The dual-core processor has bulked up from the Sensation’s 1.2GHz offering to a formidable 1.5Ghz affair, so expect to see Gingerbread flying along on the phone’s 4.3in screen.

We are also told to expect a welcome improvement in battery life as HTC has managed to cram a bigger battery inside the body – a feat which we hope will cancel out the power draw of the souped-up processor.

If you fancy these upgrades you'll have to hold on just a little while longer, as the handset is expected to launch in late September, with pricing information expected in the near future.


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