HTC readying Touch HD Pro?

We're already priming ourselves for the 6 November release of the HTC Touch HD. But now it looks as if we'll have to put our already overburdened cred

The rumour, courtesy of Unwired View, takes its cue from the Pro version of the Touch Diamond, which rocks a similar keypad for punters who don't want to do all their high–faluting business on a touchscreen.

It would certainly make sense. The Touch HD has a massive 3.8in screen which is ideal for not only watching movies, but also editing docs on the go. If you wear a suit and blather about figures all day down the phone, this Pro model could be just for you.

We'll be getting our hands on a Touch HD soon, so stay tuned for a hands–on video. While you wait, have a squizz at all the latest on the QWERTY–free model.


HTC Touch Pro

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: HTC