HTC One X to arrive on April 5 according to O2

If you slip up on Twitter, O2, you slip up to the whole world...

HTC's almighty 4.7in quad-core powerhouse, the One X, will be making its way over to O2 for April 5 – if a recent Twitter- slip-up by O2 is anything to go by.

The Tweet followed a question from an O2 customer asking whether customers need to fork out for the One X upgrade when the high-end smartie officially arrives. O2 responded by saying the 1.5gHz Tegra 3 handset isn't due until April 5, and have therefore not made any decisions on the tariff front.

The HTC One X is part of a small selection of smartphones with quad-core super-powers, marking the dawn of a new breed of super-fast mobiles that'll make your single-core smartie look a bit Fisher Price.

While this doesn't necessarily point to the official on-sale date, we reckon April 5 is O2's official in-stock date, or that will be when O2 begins selling it. Either way, we'd be hazarding a guess, so all we can do is wait. Not long to go now.

If you missed our first impressions of HTC's flagship quad-core-toting, Android Ice Cream Sandwich last month at MWC you should take a peep at our hands on review.

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