The HTC One Mini is back on sale

Banned blower back in business... but for how long?
HTC One Mini

The HTC One Mini, which was banned from being sold last week due to an ongoing patent dispute between Nokia and HTC, is back on sale.

The same patent, which covers a small modulator component, was used by Nokia to sue Apple in 2011, and HTC has already agreed to use a different part in the One to keep its flagship phone on sale. After being told it would have to withdraw the One Mini from sale, HTC appealed and the Court of Appeals granted a stay on the injunctionthis afternoon, meaning HTC can start flogging its excellent mini-blower in time for Christmas. HTC says it is "delighted" with the decision, and says it will "immediately resume shipment of all devices into the UK, including the entire One family".

Although we weren't there, we imagine the court scene was probably quite a lot like the one in A Miracle on 34th Street, except with more talk about signal modulation and less discussion of whether Richard Attenborough is the real Father Christmas. HTC says it is working on using alternative chips in all its devices but if you're after a One Mini, it might be a good idea to snap one up before they get banned again. 

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