HTC to make official "Buffy" Facebook phone

HTC gets green light to put together the official Facebook phone and possibly slay the undead

Facebook is teaming up with Taiwanese phone fanatics HTC to build a handset codenamed "Buffy", according to All Things D. Quite why it's named after the teenage vampire slayer of film and TV fame is unclear, though we're hoping for a wooden stake/stylus accessory and maybe a string of garlic lanyard.

Running on a heavily modded version of Android to allow for deep Facebook integration, it will also feature an HTML 5 platform for running Facebook apps. As the partnership has only just been agreed, Buffy will be at least a year away.

It's not HTC's first pairing with Facebook – a dedicated Facebook button has already appeared on two of HTC's handsets – the ChaCha and Salsa. And we've seen a few other Facebook-centric phones over the last few years, firstly with the iNQ 1, then more recently the Vodafone 555 and the Motorola EX225.

When we hear more about Buffy we'll let you know what the potential supremo of social has in store.

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