HTC Incredible S shows off its bumps

Announced today, available in a couple of weeks. Introducing the HTC Incredible S

Unibody? So last year. HTC's Incredible S is bringing vacuum packing to the smartphone. The new phone is all too willing to show off its bumps in a snug fitting shell that hugs its 8MP dual-LED cam and 4in WVGA Super LCD screen like a mini smartphone wetsuit.

It's not waterproof (at least, we haven't tried it, and don't suggest you do) but it looks solid enough to drop and with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor powering an as-yet-unspecified Android version (we vote for 2.4, confusingly also known as Gingerbread), it's got brains too.

It's appearing on March 3, but the number of notes you'll be parting with is still under wraps. Keep an eye out for hands-on with HTC's new devices later today.