HTC Incredible S – hands-on

The Incredible S? It sounds like a superhero's superphone. But can HTC's new smartie talk the talk?

We're not sure what to make of HTC's new offerings. The Desire S (called the Desire 2 in the build code) is an Android Mozart. The Wildfire S is its spec-poor little sibling. The Flyer 7in "tablet" wants to run a smartphone OS in an exciting time of dedicated Android tablet software. But the Incredible S? It's actually different.

Anyone who's used a recent Android HTC smartphone won't get any surprises from using the Incredible S. It's unmistakably an Android HTC smartphone, unmistakably skinned with Sense 2.0.

That's a good thing. We've no quarrel with HTC's Android wares – they're some of the best in the business. And the Incredible S (and its new buddies) offer the same experience with a dash of oil on the cogs. Everything runs silkily: transitions are smooth, apps open quickly and it multitasks like Superwoman. But the Incredible S's real shine is its colour-soaked Super LCD, a bold competitor to Super AMOLED bursting with brightness. It's a stunner to which these pictures can't do justice.

And elsewhere HTC's Incredible S is just as wondrous to behold. Its shrink-wrapped body wraps around the 8MP, 720p-shooting, dual-LED flash cam.

That vacuum-packed look continues around the back edge. Like a glass-backed watch, you feel closer to the workings of the 1GHz Snapdragon. It certainly bucks the trend for homogenous smartphone casings. And that's going to be a big sell when it goes on sale in a couple of months. We encourage you to at least give it a grope.