HTC Hero goes up for SIM-free pre-order

After getting our hands on it last week, it's fair to say that HTC's Hero has won a fair few hearts at the Stuff offices – and now the late

Amazon, Expansys and are offering the handset sans contract, with the latter coming in the cheapest at £399.99 and the other two listing it at £429.99.

The companies also have release dates at odds with each other, with Amazon suggesting 15 July, giving the 5 July, and Expansys coming in somewhere in the middle with shipping listed as being "9 days" away, making it around the 8th.

Whatever the date, SIM free could well prove to be an attractive option for those able to cough up the cash up front – the phone will be offered for free on contract with Orange and T-Mobile, but you'll be looking to sign up to a pricey, iPhone-esque £40 per month, 24 month deal.

Of course before you sign up to anything, check out our hands on video with HTC's latest handset, and our first look snaps to help you decide if the Hero is for you, and let us know your thoughts below.