HTC HD2 gets priced, now available for pre-order

As one of the most promising Windows Mobile phones we've seen in some time, the HTC HD2 impressed us when we got our hands on it a few weeks ago, and

It was, sister company of The Carphone Warehouse, which spilled the beans on pricing and has listed the handset for pre-order on a number of different tariffs.

If you want to opt for an 18 month tariff, you'll have a choice to fork out £79.99, £129.99 or £184.98 up front for the handset on £35, £30 and £25 per month contracts respectively.

But if you don't mind making the push to a 24 month tariff, you'll be able to pick the handset up for free on a £40 per month contract, with 9 months half price (or free gift).

Set to launch on O2, the phone had been pencilled in for release last week, but ongoing testing has held it back slightly.

While you wait for it to hit shelves, head over and check out the tariffs for yourself before making any decisions.

Will you be buying the HTC HD2? Let us know below, and be sure to check out our hands on video with the new WinMo on the block to see it in action.

Via: Electricpig