HTC handsets will start receiving Ice Cream Sandwich updates in March

It looks like Ice Cream Sandwich is trickling its way down to HTC’s hungry devices at last...

After an agonisingly long wait, HTC owners can finally look forward to chowing down on Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS instead of enviously staring over the shoulder of Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners.

HTC’s UK Facebook page has confirmed that the Android 4.0 update will begin rolling out to the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE by the end of March, with the Sensation XL chowing down on the update shortly after.

The HTC EVO 3D, Incredible S, Desire S and Desire HD will also get in on some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness ‘later this year’, which is good (albeit vague) news.

HTC’s sense has long been regarded as one of the best Android skins around, so here’s to hoping that all that tinkering in HTC’s labs will be worth the wait.

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