HTC Golf specs leak along with test photo

We have no idea what this is a photo of – the important thing is that it was taken on the new HTC phone's snapper

This might be the worst photo ever taken, even if it is a test snap. But this shot has revealed that the HTC Golf will come packing a 3MP camera.

Pocketnow has done some digging – and much like the similarly named car, the Golf won’t be HTC's highest-spec model, but it will come with some bells and a whistle. The Golf's 3.5in display will be beaming Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from its release day – by which time the phone's sub-GHz chip will seem almost obsolete. With HSDPA, 512MB RAM and 4GB onboard storage it should be able to keep up with most tasks, though.

The Golf – or whatever HTC chooses to finally call it – will land in a selection of colours sometime before July. It should make for a great way to get an affordable new phone and still afford your summer holiday – where you can use it for some proper photos, unlike the above effort.

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