HTC eyeing up the netbook market?

HTC has made a serious impact on the mobile phone market this year, and now it seems the company is eyeing up the portable netbook market to add to it

HTC CEO Peter Chou reportedly told journalists at the launch of the HTC HD2 in Taiwan that the company was "carefully looking into that category and how it can be part of that".

However, Chou said he would want to build something up that has "unique value", rather than just a copy of all the other netbooks on the market, before making the move in to the segment.

Of course, HTC has dabbled with larger, Wifi enabled devices before, with the touchscreen Shift released last year.

Whether we'll see an improvement on this in the future, or perhaps an internet tablet to rival the Archos 9 and elusive Apple tablet, remains to be seen over the next year.

We'll be keeping you up to date with any news we hear, but do you think we'll see a netbook – or even a smartbook – from HTC? Make your thoughts clear below.

Via: Slashgear