HTC Explorer launches on European shores

The "affordable" Android phone will reach us by the end of the year

Now we know that you only deserve the best when it comes to gadget specs but we also love a smartphone that performs while keeping the price down. The HTC Explorer, which we got wind of of last week, has just got the official nod and it's aimed squarely at first time smartphone buyers.

That's a 3.2in touchscreen and a 3MP rear-facing camera you can see in the official snaps and inside the Explorer is running Android 2.3, powered by a 600Mhz processor with a respectable 512MB of memory.

We don't have the crucial figures to hand right now but the "affordable" Explorer, which comes in black and navy, is set to sit below HTC's super-specced offerings. Then again, one man's affordable is another man's super-yacht.


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