HTC Click – affordable Android phone spotted

We've already heard that HTC is planning to focus its efforts more on Android next year, and now leaked snaps of the rumoured HTC Click have cropped u

There have been no specs released with the photos, so we can only go on aesthetics – and it certainly looks how we'd expect a lower-end HTC handset to look like. With a simple design, some hard buttons at the bottom and a D-pad where we saw a trackball on other HTC Android phones, it's certainly simple but could it be the phone to bring Android to the masses?

There's no word on release dates or pricing as yet, but we'll be keeping our eye on HTC and reporting back anything we hear. Let us know what you think the new handset below, and be sure to check out our hands on video with HTC's latest Android, the Hero.

Via: MobileCrunch