HTC buys MOG to challenge Spotify

After dropping serious money on Beats, HTC is taking the next step, into music streaming

HTC has already dropped a cool US$300m on its Beats Audio deal that makes mobiles like the Sensation XE sounds amazing. Now that it's secured the great sound, it's going after the music by buying MOG, a Spotify style music streaming service.

A Business Insider source claims HTC wants to compete with Spotify using MOG's 14 million tracks. An HTC spokesperson said, "We're always looking for the best opportunity for our business", but couldn't confirm or deny the deal.

While Spotify offers a mobile platform, it also has the free desktop version which will make competition tough for HTC. And since MOG pricing is currently the same as Spotify's, HTC is going to have to put in some serious cash to make this a real competitor.

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