HP Veer is a tiny smartphone

HP’s tiny Palm webOS-powered Veer smartphone is perfect for Lilliputian gadgeteers

Not everyone wants a 4in-plus smartphone, you know? Some people have other things to squeeze into their pockets. Or they just have small hands. And HP feels their full-pocketed, tiny-fingered pain. That’s why it’s just announced the Veer, a mini webOS QWERTY smartphone (HP seems to have dropped the Palm name) running an 800MHz Snapdragon chip.

The titchy blower has a 2.6in (320x400) screen, 5MP cam and the usual gamut of sensors. Elsewhere specs suggest that petite form is not without its costs – there’s only wireless b/g (no /n), 512MB RAM and an 8GB belly. It’s coming in early spring (in the US – we’re not sure about Europe yet). Prices and networds are also to be confirmed. But if you’ve got tiny pockets or wear tiny gloves, now would be a good time to do tiny jazz hands.


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