HP touts Mini 1100 netbook

It seems no one's giving up on unveiling even more netbooks in 2009. While Dell serve up their Mini 10 next to the Value beans at Tesco, HP has also b

Undoubtedly inspired by Asus's Eee PC 904HD, it packs a 10.1in screen, but with an 11in frame, leaving space for a decent set of speakers and a keyboard for those with fingers the size of cumberland sausages.

There's a string of variations to choose from, but the basic specs remain the same across the board. You get a 1.6GHz Intel Atom with a 60GB HDD, 1GB of RAM and a three cell battery to keep things ticking over.

There's no news yet on how much or when we'll be able to play nice with these, but expect something around the £350 mark.

While you wait, have a look at HP's Touchsmart TX2 tablet PC in action!


HP Mini 1100

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: HP